Year: 2022 - 2023
Type: Built
Architects: Antonio Cidoncha
Photography: María Azkárate

Renovation of Truck and Wheel Headquarters in Arazuri.

Located on the first floor of an industrial building, the preexistence was an example of the usual solution for this type of spaces; a composition of industrialized elements without a clear order, arranged based solely on functional criteria.
On a new continuous pavement, the intervention is organized through the articulation of two horizontal levels.
In an upper layer, a framework of beams is created that replicate the existing prefabricated structure and that organize and divide the different work areas. The air installations are channeled and distributed through these elements, guaranteeing acoustic tightness between the rooms.
This system is supported on a wooden strip that gives warmth to the environment and hides the storage associated with the offices.
A series of strategically placed mirrors duplicate the spaces, emphasizing the intended sense of continuity.